Sunday, November 26, 2006


An anonymous artist whose site you might enjoy:
Here are a few examples of his work:


fanny said...

wrong address...
hypertext link..

this artist is american?

I don't like his black humour in 2nd picture..
because it was their fault! They used chimical weapons during the war of the Vietnam!
I don't believe the girl (on picture) appreciates
In my opinion of course..

English Room said...

Banksy is a Brit. With this picture, he attacks the U.S.. Indeed, the U.S. army used deadly and infamous "Orange agent" and many other awful weapons and methods. Fortunately, they lost that useless war.
The picture, if you think more about it is very provocative. It focuses on the little girl whose picture went around the world. (by the way, she survived and is still alive thank god.) With this montage, Banksy insists on the fact that with Disney and Mac Donald's, the U.S. have brought wars around the world...and THAT is what they will remembered for a long time after Disney and the like ( foolish consumption aiming at profit) have disappeared.

English Room said...

By the way, the link does work for me.(i always check it does. Do you surf with Mozilla Fanny? It's so much better than IE. Actually, IE7 has copied all of Mozilla's great ideas. Tabs are the best. I right click on the link and choose "open in a new tag" (ouvrir dans un nouvel onglet) and here it is, next to the internet page on which i found the link. I love it!

fanny said...

now i can watch!!

janis said...

oh my god!!
I'm watching pictures!!
what would say Monet if he watch his painting?

OH ;')

Anonymous said...

great, fantastic artist!!!