Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barak Obama

Probably the next democratic presidential candidate...


nyfa said...

I am not especially interested in..
but I am learning to like it.
It's like by us, but it's more important, because USA is bigger..

oh! in fact! do you know this website?
you can do tests to evaluate your register/standard in english.
It would be interessant for you student.
there are also exercices and courses.
all is free.
I have just found it... I look for exemples of "versions" and "themes", as tomorow I am going to have a DS.. It will be the first this sort..

E. Bilien said...

In exos online, the label on the side, you'll see many links towards great self learning English. Anglaisfacile is very much appreciated but I DO love
which is quite an achievement. Perfect to work on one's oral comprehension.

E. Bilien said...

Sorry, but for the sake of YOUR Englsh:

English, it's interesTING!
Language is interesTING, and so are all languages: interesTING.

And by the way, as an English teacher, i'm glad you ARE motivaTED... and interesTED.
C ya & thx for ur coms