Friday, October 29, 2010

This video dates back to 1991!!!

Most of you kids, pupils, students weren't even born when that video was shot 20 years ago. Still, we haven't got this digital desk yet!
Sitting in my study in front of my desktop, (a portable PC) I'm surrounded by paper. Bad for the planet.
Loads of files containing document, lessons, tests, papers, on the shelves and bookcases.

How nice it would be to have only one portable computer each with a video projector in the class, connected to the internet with the possibility for you to download the articles, links, audio and video files easily.
But the Education Nationale missed the opportunity then.. And it could have been cheap.
I guess it's better for businesss to give high-tech gizmos (gadgets whose name you can't recall) to people gradually, trickling down the devices only to make them obsolete with some new gadget, itself rendered obsolete with another one... ad lib.
Don't you see?
If you really don't see my point, make a list of all the electronic devices you've had since childhood.
You'll get it then!
If you mail this list to me and tell me what I mean, you'll get 2 additional points to your next test. I promise!

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