Monday, January 31, 2011

Candid camera & ... a few Americans

...desperately in need of some education.
I guess we could have the same types of answers in France!
I like the part with the wrong map of the world!


SylvainM said...

Hye dear colleague. As you must know, my interest for english is still alive !! I try to improve my level thanks to your blog.
I found this video really funny. But, as you say in your post, it would be interesting to make this experience in France ( why not in our dear school ??. "Where's the Berlin wall ? ......."
Keep on giving us such amazing videos.

F.HACHE said...

Just in case anyone would need reassurance that the French aren't doing much better... And I don't mean to mock the candidate, but wait until the public give their opinion on the question.
Is it just me or do you find all this rather scary too?

E. Bilien said...

Thanks for the link F.Hache.
Indeed, it IS appalling AND scary.
TV makes people numb but surely not less dumb. I remember a father explaining to his son that the sun was a planet. I had to say something. I guess the kid got it right. The father? ... not so sure.