Sunday, October 09, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: this movement has been going on for three weeks in NYC and spreading across the US. And elsewhere. People marching with placards saying “Tax the rich”, “Welcome to the US autumn” and chanting slogans like: “We are the 99%” or “We are in the United States”.
It’s gone MSM. (Which means it is now being covered by the MainStream Media.) See CNN link below. So I guess it’s time I posted something about it. They have a website here:
And a livestream feed here :
Extract from a moderator called Canoby on the livestream chat
“Canoby: people who advocate violence, engage in hate speech, constant off topic convseration, disregarding the rules etc. often get permabanned. I have to be strict to keep this place under control... you see how fast it flies in here. Complaining about the rules is not tolerated, they've worked well for us for almost 4 weeks now

Here is an article and video from CNN:
Extract from the video: “And this is a rally, it’s a protest, it’s an uprising. This is a gathering, this is an assembly."

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