Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tepco's back to the wall?

Radioactivity increase in the Japanese MainStreamMedia.

Governments Worldwide Raise Acceptable Radiation Levels Based Upon Politics … Not Science                        Here is a video about low dose effects and why the governments' political decision to raise the safety limits is scientifically groundless and therefore irresponsible. But it seems people don't care that much. Shouldn't we all care? Remember Chernobyl and see how twenty years later, the number of people with thyroid problems is ... impressive.

Here is a French article (once in a while, some French here!) in le Monde. An honest article. Dated January 23rd, 2012 http://www.lemonde.fr/japon/article/2012/01/23/tokyo-fait-appel-a-l-aiea_1633091_1492975.html

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