Friday, June 14, 2013

Revelation: we're in the abyss

By now, you've all heard of the Edward Snowden and about the documents he leaked to the Guardian's journalists that proved the existence of an extensive  US NSA (National Security Agency)’s spying program called PRISM, which was designed to collect information about digital communications, allowing real-time online surveillance of US citizens.
That is of course absolutely unconstitutional and unacceptable. U.S. citizens can be disappointed.
This is sensational news in MSM (Main Stream Media.) Please learn more about it
and see how a Gallup poll shows most Americans oppose NSA surveillance programs, and are evenly split on the rightness of Snowden's actions:

The following video is as worrying as the news because this is Orwellian double talk. 

There was this very interesting series by the Washington Post in 2010 that I had reported here:
And I suggest you also read this and this

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