Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Bullying Experiment

Wrong is being committed in front of your eyes. What do you do? I've always hated the phrase: "Don't be a hero." It's not being a hero. It's just being human to at least say something. What do you think? update: Thanks Cecile for her comments and this link:


Cécile said...

I completely agree about just acting like a human being and not a hero. It should be a natural thing to help people, not a great mental, physical and supernatural effort. However, it also reminds me of that guy who had been stabbed while saving a woman from her attacker on a New York street. The only thank-you he got was the fact that no one helped HIM in the end. Now he's dead and everybody goes on with their lives. Obviously, I like the way that girl at 2:20 reacts but I don't think we should totally blame those who didn't do anything. I don't mean it's good to be passive or a sort of coward but it's pretty hard to feel helpful enough if you don't know what the problem is and what the aggressor is capable of, even more if you're all alone to handle it. Risking your life for nothing can be as useful as not doing anything. I mean it would be easier to help someone if you knew for sure people next to you will do the same thing. But you never know, I think that's the problem. If everyone was here for each other, people would be less afraid of getting hurt too. They would do something right away and maybe there would be less bullying. Well, in my opinion. I still think ignoring the bullying is creepy.


E. Bilien said...

Courage is contagious. Let's just do what we have to do. And your conversation with dear Erin on Banksy is really much appreciated.
Thanks Cécile. But you know how terrible I am with names. Write to me and send a pic if I do know you :-) at

Cécile said...

You're right. Besides, if Courage was a feeling shared by all of us, something as ordinary as permanent, we wouldn't even need to call it "courage" anymore because the probability of stopping the aggressor would be close to one hundred percent! (At least, in public places). Aggressors would be those that would be scared of confrontation before they even think about making something wrong. It's pretty sad that people don't realize this(/their) force: they don't have to be courageous or look like a cloned version of Hulk, they just need to act together. I'm aware that this sentence sounds naive or kind of stupid but I think humans are quite stupid as well sometimes.

You're very welcome about the link and my comments! I always enjoy yours.

And don't worry, it's okay about my real-life identity ^^ We emailed each other only once or twice in the past. I'm one of your former pupils but I studied in Arago at least 9 years ago and for a brief period so I don't think you'll remember my face or know who I am but I appreciate your interest :)

Happy holiday season and best wishes! :)