Sunday, October 16, 2016

Prince Ea vs The school system

Prince Ea just sued the school system... 
"Richard Williams, aka Prince Ea, is an amazing spoken word artist who helps make people aware of their lives and surroundings. With his videos, he reminds us that we can make a difference. He has a new video about the modern school system and how, in his opinion, it needs to be improved. It shows that the school curriculum may not be as perfect as we thought. Does it need to change? Well, we'll let you watch and decide for yourself."        Boing boing

Hi all, I had not posted anything for a long time. Well, I was sick, still am actually but I'm better so I can post again. Hope to come back to school in 2017.  Time will tell. In the meantime, do learn and prosper, no matter what, no matter how. Sincerely. E.B.

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