Monday, December 31, 2007

A nice picture from the Queen.

One of my pupils has just sent me a mail to describe his London visit. He sent some pictures too. Here is a very special one: Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I wish you a Merry Christmas.
What does it mean?
SHARING, SMILING, GIVING, RECEIVING, SINGING, LOVING, HELPING the ones you know you love and the ones you don't love yet.

Have a nice holiday. May life be sweet and fair to you all.

A cartoon by Mr Fish (Harper's Magazine)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Tip to Fanny:
From the MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology)
and a wonderful professor: Walter Lewin.
Great experiments, essential teachings.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

9/11: Press for Truth

You can watch this new film: 9/11: Press for Truth here:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If you like puzzles...

Here is a beautiful one:


The Birth of Venus is a painting by Sandro Botticelli. It depicts the goddess Venus, having emerged from the sea as a full grown woman, arriving at the sea-shore (Venus Anadyomene motif). The painting is currently in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Friday, December 07, 2007

BBCand WTC 7

An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. The incredible footage shows a BBC reporter talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head.


CAPTION 1 00:01
World trade center destroyed by hijacked planes.
Pentagon hit and burning.

Broadcaster: “We haven’t from the past hour so heard much from the people in Manhattan. You’re with them there. I mean what are they saying tonight about these catastrophic attack?”

Jane Stanley: “As I said, many just cannot believe this is happening.
And I’ve seen big burly men and women with you know with tears in their eyes today, shaking their heads, wondering: “ What on earth is going on?”
And there’s also a sense of panic on reports from the scene where people are just absolutely horrified and I’ve already seen some photographs of …that a man took down in the downtown area And it looks like the aftermath of a huge atom bomb or something just… just full of debris and like a white carpeting of snow from all the dust and rubbish that had fallen.
I don’t think people can comprehend. They certainly have lost any feeling of safety.
There’s still a great pride in the city. People are determined to fight back but a great sense of shock and loss.
People keep looking at the sky for example where you can see the plume of smoke and say: “When that’s gone, it won’t be there anymore. Our twin towers won’t be there. Such a symbol of New York. “”
CAPTION 2 6:35 Coordinated attacks in New York and Washington have caused huge loss of life.

Broadcaster: “Are they talking yet about revenge and what the government should do to counter these threats or they’re numb still?”

Jane Stanley: I think people are still numb and I don’t think people are talking about revenge in that way at all yet. I think people are still too traumatized. They, we don’t know how many people have been killed. We can’t even put a figure I think when you talk to people on, on…, CAPTION 3 6:14 The 47 storey Salomon Brothers building close to the World Trade Centre has also collapsed.

They don’t even say how many people might have been killed and injured. And I think that feeling gives you an idea of the devastation.
People don’t really know what to say or what to think. I think they feel the bubble of their security being in America has definitely been popped. This city and this country will not be the same. But they don’t really know where to turn. And that’s the very sad thing. I think there’s going to be a lot of very traumatized people. That has hit very hard.

CAPTION 4 6:50 Both World Trade Centre towers have collapsed after two planes crashed into them
Broadcaster: Many of us when we heard the news, perhaps on the radio earlier today were completely it and could not comprehend it.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

About Globalization

Very interesting site discovered by M. Gilson:

Monday, December 03, 2007



He's my favourite democratic candidate.


Donating rice to starving people and learning vocabulary at the same time!

Give it a try!