Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Learning Language Tips

How to become fluent
You'll love the video above. ChulyDarlyn gives you advice on 'How to become fluent in any language you want!' She has many views and it is well-deserved.

Here is what she advises you to do. And I couldn't agree more. Thanks for your great tips ChulyDarlyn. Your  convincing vid is fabulous. I wish you the best!

Tip 1. Be motivated and try to learn by yourself!
Tip 2. See learning as something entertaining!
Tip 3. It's ok if you don't understand everything!
Tip 4. Make sure to deal with the targeted language everyday!
Tip 5. The beginnings are tough but don't give up!
Tip 6. Spend some time in a country talking the targeted language.


I've just ordered the Co-opoly board game after reading this article: 

Teach Your Children Well: Don't Play Monopoly
...I love board games. Don't you? We might play a game in class some day.