Thursday, July 09, 2009


En TS: Rémi, Fadila, Erwan et Damien. Good job.
En TES: Hélène, Manu, Katiba, Pierrine, Laura et Yassine.
Que les autres se consolent, ils pourront repasser une année à Arago.
What a thrill ...

BRAVO to the baccalaureates!

Bravo aux reçus du premier tour. Un ban pour Sophie et Marvin, mention très bien en S Un ban pour Emilie et Jérôme, mention bien en S et STI. Je suis très contente aussi pour tous les autres reçus.
Maintenant, j'attends avec impatience les résultats du rattrapage pour ceux qui doivent surmonter cette épreuve supplémentaire.Merci de me laiser un message pour me donner des news.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

JON couldn't believe his ears.

Some people make major mistakes: here, at 1 minute, a Michael Scheuer, interviewed by Glenn Beck on Fox News and presented as a "Former CIA Anti-terrorism Analyst" utters a shocking comment.
JON STEWART's denounces it all in his own humurous puzzled way. Once again, thanks to Jon for making us laugh and think.
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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Earth, That's her name. Well, her English name.
How do you say Earth in different languages?
We earthlings sometimes call it ADAMA in hebrew, ARD in Arabic, BHUVAN in Sanskrit, BIN in Greek, CHIKYUU in Japanese, die ERDE in German,LUR in Basque,TERRA in Italian, Latin, Portuguese Spanish, DIQIU in Chinese, ZEM in Czech, , ZIMLIA in Russian, ZIEMIA in Polish, TERO in Esperanto,

We all love our planet, don't we?

Well, same to you kids... the future is in your hands! Anyway, we're all in the same boat!
Quite a boat, isn't it? She's called Earth