Saturday, March 19, 2022

RIP Mr Charlot

Dreadful News, we're mourning. Our headmaster, Mr Charlot died today at 12 pm from a heart attack. We are deeply saddened by this terrible news and I can’t think of anything to say apart from the fact that he was a great headmaster whose memory we will always cherish. Of course, we think of his family and offer them our most sincere condolences. We want them to know that he was deeply respected by all the members Arago: teachers, workers and students. Chaleureux, Humble, Attentionné, Respectueux, Lucide, Ouvert, Tolérant. Ça j’ai eu envie de le faire en français. Pour le RIP, j'ai toujours pensé que les gens que j''appréciais et que j'avais le grand chagrin de voir partir méritaient beaucoup mieux que du repos et pour moi, Revel In Peace est un voeu plus fort et plus réconfortant. Je vois mal Mr Charlot se reposer mais je le vois plus se réjouir de savoir qu'il reverra ceux qu'il a aimés.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

French in plain sight > Learning is great!

As you've seen below, the youtube channel "French in plain sight" is worthy of our attention This English youtuber is really focused on learning French. Well if you're keen on learning English, try listening to the first 3 mn of this video. I'm certain it can help you improve. And check out the channel and this very blog!... Speak English with confidence. Learning languages is great.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022