Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Barack Obama

i think you'll hear that name again. For this man might become the next U.S. president.
He is currently a senator from Chicago, Illinois.
Here is a short video in which he announces he is running for the presidency.
A short and funny anouncement.


Anonymous said...

il ne sais pas bien chanter*****
je prefere george bush quand il chante bloody sunday...

Aux americains de faire leur choix...

[prenez votre telephone, appele le 3240 pour sauver votre candidat préfere]

E. Bilien said...

It's October 2010... and when I wrote that post, Obama was still one year away from running for the democratic primaries, and two years away from becoming the U.S.44th president.
As for me, I was far from knowing I would be so disappointed by him and be so disillusioned. But as George Santayana said, “Wisdom comes by disillusionment.”
I'd have voted for Kucinich in the primaries... I guess I was utopianly wise!

E. Bilien said...
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