Sunday, June 10, 2007

For your exams :

Thinking of you. Best wishes. E.B.


Anonymous said...

OOOh it is very nce!!!!!!
Thank you.
and good luck too for corrections..
I hope that will be you my corrector..

(I'm not on academy of rheims ... so it could be possible, isn't it?)


english room said...

Actually, we correct papers from our Academy but outside of our town so we can't correct our own pupils'papers.
For the BTS, we do leave our academy (which is quite boring for we have to travel a lot and it is tiring, expensive and often not really worth it.
Good luck to you Max!

Anonymous said...

hey raté!!
non max tu ne connaitra pas ton correcteur!...
Merde dans tout les cas!! ;)

Anonymous said...

we are not actors so we can say "bonne chance".
I know you are a clown nyfa but it is not a reason lol XD.

good luck, bonne chance, gutes Glück (I'm not sure for german...)
et pour ceux qui y tiennent MERDE. à tous (profs et élève compris)