Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Event, some TV event...

Considering all those hours I, you, we spend on the web, I just wanted to post a link which might not be legal but well, Hadopi will let me know.
No big deal really. Just the opportunity to watch a great series just a couple of days after the U.S. NBC viewers.
I've already posted a preview on that blog.Now the third episode has been I've just watched the third episode of The Event.
Yes, I do have some leisure time in front of my screen.
Well, that third episode of The Event is abso-...-lutely mind-blowing.
Great thriller and the plot unfolds smoothly. Actors are definitely convincing and as for the characters, we want to know more about them.
Well, you may want to see for yourself. Enjoy!

Kuddos to couchtuner a.k.a. mytvsource.
Hey, NBC, we'll still buy the DVDs! Don't you worry.

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