Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We care for you Japan

Unfortunately, the Fukushima power plant doesn't make the headlines. Not even a word in "Le Monde" ? Oh yes, today's article deals with the fact that Tepco is expecting to lose $ 9 billion dollars.
and not a word on the huge radioactivity on the site? That's just outrageous.
(See previous post.)

Two months after the HUGE earthquake and the following tsunami.
The plant, its six reactors in a whole load of mess and such a lousy coverage? Weird.
Let it be known that we care for Japan and all the tsunami victims.
And let it be known that we care about the situation in Fukushima nuclear power plant. We want more info, daily complete coverage about FNPP because we care for the Japanese, because we care for our planet and because we can handle the truth.

The Japanese Emperor and his wife show they care here:

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