Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sushi or not sushi? Radioactive fish 2

Scientist : « We almost didn’t believe it to tell you the truth. Every single fish was significantly contaminated with two radioisotopes from Cesium. These are common waste products from nuclear accidents. » ( The fish the scientist is referring to is the Pacific bluefin tuna which is massive in size, up to ten feet and weighs more than a thousand pounds) Journalist 1 : « The levels are far lower than what is considered dangerous. » FDA(Food and Drug Administration) : « No public health concern has been detected. » Journalist 2 : « Scientists say the real test on how radiation affects migrating fish will come this summer. Researchers will look at fish that have spent more time in contaminated waters and could have even higher levels of pollution. » Scientist : « I think that is a distinct possibility and we honestly don’t know the answer. » Journalist 2 : « Today, Japanese officials annouced they’ll conduct more testing in their waters. This is researchers here do the same. »

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