Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Yes, Prime Minister : 55 seconds of Oral Comprehension

Watch from 13mn.50sec. to 14'35'' Use the settings'playback speed as well as the script below after a minimum of three careful listening of those 55''. - Prime Minister (PM) : Anything else ? - XXX : Prime Minister, there are some other vital points to bear in mind. A lot of people, eminent people, influential people have argued that such legislation would be a blow against freedom of choice. - PM : Oh Rubbish. I’m not banning smoking itself. Does every tax rise represent a blow against freedom ? - XXX : It depends on how big the tax rises - PM : It’s fascinating. Does 20 pence represent a blow against freedom ? - XXX : Oh Prime Minister - PM : 25 pence ? 30 pence ? 31 pence ? Is something a blow against freedom simply because it can seriously damage your wealth ? - XXX : Prime Minister I must warn you of the difficulties. I foresee all sorts of unforeseen problems - PM : Such as ? - XXX : If I could foresee them, they wouldn’t be unforeseen

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