Friday, November 17, 2006

Avez-vous entendu parler d' Yves Mourouzi?

I'm meeting an American friend of mine in Paris this evening. I've been looking forward to it. Her name is Lynn. With Leslie, her best friend, and I, we met in Chicago during a school exchange... in 1979-1980! In 1984, Leslie spent a year in Paris where i lived at the time, and i went to see them again later in Chicago. So we didn't have much time together out of those 27 years but our friendship has lasted, the good memories, the sharing, the laughs and the conversations we had each time we saw each other have created this particular form: Fraternity… Sorority. We're women after all! And lucky ones, let me tell you!

good things don't always last... Anchormen come, anchormen go.
Do you know what an anchorman is?

“AAAaaarrrgh du HOMEWORK...

reaction préconçue de l’élève qui n’a pas (encore) compris le plaisir du travail J

Well, ok then, discover what is an anchorman if you feel like reading and listening to a little bit of current English! Don't worry if you don't understand! Just do it!

I hope it gives you food for thought in the making:

1) Have you ever heard of that anchorman? I had never heard about him. Here is who he is: (Mourouzi, c'était mon préféré !)

Here is an article about his latest production… not an anchorman anymore.

and you can see him live here,
on the daily show by John Stewart
November 16, 2006 Ted Koppel on Iran:

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